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Barry Brown in the Morning

This week, we'll have the usual mix of music, news and fun-to-play contests, plus the latest road conditions with Brian Baker traffic reports.

Monday is "Mutt Monday." We'll meet a cute, adoptable pet from the Monterey County SPCA. Click Here to see a picture of this week's pet.

Coming up - Barry and Karen in your home! Keep listening for more details.

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General Contest Rules

Amy Grant asked listeners to call in to win her new Greatest Hits CD - we'll have more CDs to give away all this week. Thanks Amy!

Are you a mouse potato? Barry & Karen have some great websites for you to check out!

Today we learned the story of Faith - an assistance dog up in Washington State. When Faith's owner had a seizure, the dog phoned 911, barked into the phone and then unlocked the door when police responded. The pairing of Faith and her owner was made by the Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound - you can also go to for a list of similar organizations all over the country. Read Faith's story here.

Do you have your pets' costume for Halloween yet? No!!?! Here are a couple sites with lots of amusing pics. And yes, they are very serious about these outfits - check these two sites and E&E Hallstrom Haute Couture. Happy Halloween!

Wouldn't you know it? The vehicles you ride through the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland not only have their own name, but their very own website!?!? Visit to learn everything there is to know about the Haunted Mansion ride and those cute Doom Buggies.

When a normally decorated pumpkin just won't do this year - along comes Extreme! Visit the site for extreme pumpkin carving ideas along with patterns, how-to advice and results from their 2003 carving contest. Happy carving!

Disneyland celebrating their 50 years with a "Happiest Homecoming on Earth" collage. They're looking for your family photos from Disneyland vacations. You can learn more and submit your photos here.

Carving pumpkins this weekend? The American Society for Surgery of the Hand urges pumpkin carvers to use caution this Halloween season. They recommend a clean, well-lit area and the use of a pumpkin carving kit among other things. For all of their suggestions, visit their website. Happy Carving!

Election Day is getting close - and the League of Women Voters want to make you a Smart Voter! It's a non-partisan website that allows you to enter your address and see all of the items on your ballot. Learn more about national and local contests to make an informed decision.

Heavy rains today (10/19) paired with wind and high surf advisories planned for today. For the latest weather information from the National Weather Service office in Monterey, click here.

Northern California's first real winter storm expected tomorrow (10/19) so we thought today might be a great day to feature an online source for winter weather prepardeness. Click here for an 11-page Winter Storm packet from the Red Cross. You can also visit the Red Cross website for a list of supplies for a winter weather supplies kit.

You've heard of recycling - what about free-cycling!?!? It's a network of people who want to either get rid of their clutter, or take someone else's stuff. Some call it the "virtual curb" of the internet. There are several local groups that take part and you can learn more about them on the FreeCycle website.

Barry Brown thinks he's a good candidate for Mr. Romance...are you? The Oxygen Network has announced a new reality show - lots of cash and the title of Mr. Romance is up for grabs. Want to nominate someone or sign yourself up? Click here!

Lots of Californian's have unclaimed property - to the tune of $3.9 billion. Stars like Mick Jagger, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt are all owed money, are you? Find out by visiting the state's Controller Office website and search your name. The unclaimed property stays with the government unless it's claimed.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - click here to help fund free mammograms.

A woman in San Francisco started a website that helps people organize and execute coat donation drives on a local level. is the organization - stop by to find out where you can donate a coat locally OR organize your very own coat drive.

You can create your own personalized stamps. Put a photo of your child or your animal! See examples and order online now with

Who do you share a birthday with?

Monday October 25, 2004
Marion Ross, 76(actress)
Michael Boatman, 40 (actor)

Tuesday October 26, 2004
Jaclyn Smith, 57 (actress)
Dylan McDermott, 42 (actor)

Wednesday October 27, 2004
Simon Le Bon, 46 (singer)
John Cleese, 65 (actor)

Thursday October 28, 2004
Julia Roberts, 37 (actress)
Bruce Jenner, 55 (athlete)

Friday October 29, 2004
Kate Jackson, 56 (actress)
Wynona Ryder, 33 (actress)

Happy Birthday to all of our Loyal Listeners
celebrating a birthday this week!

From all of us here at KWAV 97FM and

Loyal Listener Club Birthdays aresponsored bythe Del Monte Center. Visit them on the web!
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Mutt Monday is proudly sponsored by Mackies Parlour, a Pet Boutique on the corner of Ocean and Monte Verde in Carmel.

This is Arnold, an 8-week old little boykitty cat who will be fixed!Visitthis little sweetieat the Monterey SPCAand takehim home TODAY!

Here are this week's Top 5 films:
(October 25, 2004)

1. The Grudge, $40 million
2. Shark Tale, $14.3 million
3. Shall We Dance?, $8.6 million
4. Friday Night Lights, $7 million
5. Team America: World Police, $6.6 million

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