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New Music

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#1 Five for Fighting
100 Years
Sound Clip
Album: The Battle for Everything
Website: Five for Fighting

#2 3 Doors Down
Here Without You
Sound Clip
Album: The Away from the Sun
Website: 3 Doors Down

#3 Seal
Love's Devine
Sound Clip
Album: Seal IV
Website: Seal

#4 Dido
White Flag
Sound Clip
Album: Life For Rent
Website: Dido

#5 Iz
Over the Rainbow
Sound Clip
Album: Facing Future
Website: Iz

#6 Martina McBride
This ones for the Girls
Album: Martina
Website: Martina McBride

#7 Simply Red
You Make Me Feel Brand New
Sound Clip
Album: Home
Website: Simply Red

#8 Rod Stewart
Time After Time
Sound Clip
Album: The Great American Songbook: Vol. 2
Website: Rod Stewart

#9 Wynonna Judd
I Want to Know What Love Is
Sound Clip
Album: What the World Needs Now
Website: Wynonna Judd

#10 Kenny Loggins
I Miss You
Sound Clip
Album: It's About Time
Website: Kenny Loggins

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