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  • Vitamin Shoppe Remote in Seaside! - We were out at the new Vitamin Shoppe in Seaside on Saturday, October 9. Candy James was giving away CDs and inviting folks to join her at the Grand Opening Event!
  • Pre Airshow Excitement at Shell in Salinas! - We were out at the Shell station at North Main and Laurel, anticipating the arrival of the California International Airshow! We had tickets to give away and quite a few lucky winners! We also had Allen Silver from Spirit of America Skydiving, the president of the Air Show and some of the performers and crew, not to mention our own Barry Brown!
  • Milkbone, Albertsonsons and KWAV join together to present the City of Salinas with a new police dog, Nerro! - Milk-Bone and Albertsons recently donated a new police dog to the Salinas Police Department and KWAV's Skyler Stevens was there from 9-11am on Tuesday, September 21st at the Albertsons at 1223 N Davis in Salinas to meet the K-9 Unit, see a free police dog skills demonstration, and learn more about the valuable work these amazing dogs do!
  • Nob Hill, Scotts Valley - We were out in Scotts Valley celebrating the remodel of their Nob Hill...
  • Wild Things Happen at the Wild Wings Show... - We had lots of fun at our Saturday, special showing of the Wild Wings Show at Bonfante Gardens. Karen Hamilton and guests enjoyed the park and a private show with all sorts of neat birds...
  • When Barry and Karen were away... - Dan Green of the KSBW News Channel was here with special guest Lorin Hofmann, the week of August 9th-13th. Dan and Lorin entertained while Barry and Karen vacationed! Thanks Dan and Lorin, lots of fun was had by all!

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