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Past KWAV Feedback

2/24/2011: Hanging in there?

Is your New Year's Resolution holding up?
Yes!: 25%
No: 21%
Did not have one this year.: 55%

12/16/2010: Hey Smarty!

What do you use for a smart phone?
iPhone: 27%
Blackberry: 22%
Android: 28%
Windows: 4%
A Smart Phone? What's that?: 20%

11/8/2010: Closing in on Christmas
It seems as though the holiday shopping season starts sooner every year.

Do you have your Christmas shopping done?
Yes!: 15%
Some of it, not all: 41%
Talk to me after Thanksgiving: 21%
Bah, humbug: 23%

10/26/2010: Starting Your Day

What is your wake up juice?
Coffee: 53%
Tea: 12%
Energy drinks: 4%
Soda Pop: 16%
I stay away from caffeine: 15%

10/5/2010: Twitter
Some say that Twitter is the Citizens' Band (CB) radio of the Internet.

Do you use Twitter?
Yes: 16%
No: 75%
Twitter? Isn't that the sounds a bird makes?: 9%

9/14/2010: Thinking about Fall

What do you think about when Fall arrives?
Raking leaves and outdoor chores: 12%
Halloween costumes: 15%
Football!!!: 55%
School: 5%
none of the above: 14%

8/16/2010: Are You Unwired?

Do you have a landline in your home?
Yes, I talk on it.: 51%
Yes, I use it to get online only.: 7%
No, I'm unwired. Mobile phone only here.: 42%


Are you traveling for a vacation this summer?
Yes!: 53%
No, another year of staycation: 47%


How confident are you in the US economy?
I'm confident!: 0%
I'm not confident!: 0%


Is the end of the economic recession in sight?
Yes: 26%
No: 74%
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