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KWAV Contest Rules

General Contest Rules

1)Contest winners must be 21 years or older to win. One winner per household/family per 30 days. “Qualifying for a Grand Prize” does not constitute “winning” unless the qualifier also receives a qualifier prize.

2)In contests where the prize is valued at over $500, the winner will not be eligible for any other prize valued at over $500 for a period of 6 months.

3)Employees of Buckley Broadcasting, their immediate family members are not eligible to win. Winners agree to use of likeness/voice for publicity purposes without prior consent. All federal, state and local taxes apply and are the sole responsibility of the winner. KWAV is not responsible for postponement or cancellation of scheduled show/event. KWAV is not responsible for postal/e-mail/fax/telephone service.

4)Contest prizes will vary. All winners will receive a letter with their prize stating the date they are eligible to win again. Should the prize in question be tickets to a movie screening, seating at the theater is not guaranteed.

5)For rules to a specific contest go to that contest’s page at Contest rules for specific contests supercede these rules.

6)KWAV reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior notice.
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